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has envisioned her own fashion and jewelry couture brand to showcase carefully designed and curated collections made with love and greatest attention to detail specializing in fine jewelry and exclusive handcrafted fashion accessories for women, men and loved little ones alike, that tell stories and allow their wearer to create their own stories today and every day.


Catering to various lifestyles and preferences both fine quality everyday staples and new favorites, as well as extraordinary statement pieces for special events, such as red-carpets, bridal occasions, family celebrations or German traditional wear ‘Trachten’ can be found. The timeless, thoughtful and finely executed product thereby becomes the antidote to fast fashion and strives to withstand trends while still being fashion-forward. From muted to vivid colors, monochrome to multi-colored, classic to bold patterns, the distinctive, an inherently luxurious items with a twist enable varying forms of expression for minimalists, maximalists and their mini-me’s. Different possibilities to wear one and the same piece showcase diverging parts of the design for alternating looks never losing functionality out of sight.

Always and never the same! 


The expertly crafted items are truly unique due to their one-of-a-kind or limited edition nature, meaning that no one is like the other. 

Jen.'s fashion and jewelry couture pieces embody:





As a private jeweler, you can get in touch with Jen. for all your custom jewelry inquiries from engagement rings to one-of-a-kind statement pieces to upcycling your heirloom treasures. In case you are looking to set yourself apart and seem to not be finding those fashion accessories that particularly match your wedding theme, highlight a momentous occasion or just need different sizing,  Jen. and her team are always eager to also realize special projects for all ages.

While creating products that allow to differentiate and express one’s personality - “DARE TO BE DIFFERENT, DARE TO BE YOU!“

becomes a mantra to relate to.



An integral part of the Jen. brand, the „Dare to Square“ collection originates from the study and idea of reduction to a basic geometric form, the square, from which the first pocket square was derived, and which is now a re-occurring signature theme throughout the collection. 

While the traditional hand-rolled pocket square is still a classic staple, distinctive signature designs have been further developed, resulting in a whole product line ranging from pocket squares, ties, bow-ties, cummerbunds, scarves, shawls, belts, hair accessories, bags and pouches, kimonos, kaftans to most recently selected home textiles.

All pieces are handmade -hand-knitted/ sewn/ crocheted, and sometimes even made of materials that are hand-dyed or printed. In order to create pleasant wearing experiences only select pure high-quality materials are sourced from all over the world and the most reputable respective regions, such as fine silk, fair-trade baby alpaca, merino wool, virgin wool, cashmere, mohair silk, linen and premium cotton, which are many times refined and embellished.

Made in Germany with a strong focus on craftsmanship, collaborating in responsible partnerships and valuing heritage and tradition.



Having, on the one hand, focused on one-of-a-kind high jewelry pieces and on the other hand developing a distinctive design language, Jen's first jewelry collection, meticulous focus on high quality, functionality, wearability, innovation, and distinctive beauty are common denominators. 

The "Octalove" jewelry collection showcases Jen.'s signature octagon and octahedron in varies forms and derivatives that have been custom developed from study to finish and entirely made in Germany. The individual jewelry items are interchangeable and convertible into different styles. Fine jewelry that is timeless, yet speaks fashion without being superficially trendy. Jen.'s jewelry couture pieces are created with love and the help of skilled artisans who have mastered their respective fields.

Being able to work with some of the most beautiful and rare materials that earth provides us, Jen. sources unique gemstones from all over the world that are carefully selected from suppliers, that are members of the most reputable trade associations who are committing to fully declare were some of them can be fully traced back throughout the whole supply chain. Through building strong ties to our partners, by producing locally and supporting responsible initiatives, such as artisanal mining programs we are striving to make an impact with our choices. All our jewelry is made of recycled gold from refineries third-party certified by the Responsible Jewellery Council.


 - A treasure chest, a little museum, a unique place, a hidden gem - this is the home for Jen.'s creations and collections! 

Take a glimpse into her world...



Get in touch with us to receive an invitation to one of our next events or if you would like to collaborate with Jen.! 



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